Holualoa Real Estate

The town of Holualoa rests at the slope of Mt Hualalai just north of Kailua Kona. Holualoa real estate features a variety of homes including vintage huts and estate homes on large acres of farm land. The community embraces a rural beach lifestyle, yet is still close to city amenities in Kailua Kona. You find plenty of open space with native flowers and foliage as well as coffee farms and fruit farms. Holualoa homes for sale are perfect for the laid back retiree or for the get-away second home.

A Closer Look at Holualoa Real Estate and Lifestyle

Holualoa real estateHolualoa real estate retains much of the past with vintage storefronts, small local businesses, churches, the landmark “pink” Kona Hotel as well as the Holualoa Inn and other accommodations. Residents can enjoy several art galleries, cafes and a grocery store. The town may be small, but it has every thing you’ll ever need. The homes for sale in Holualoa are in the zip code 96725.

In fact, Java is the source that keeps Holualoa thriving. The small town is the hub of the Kona coffee country. You’ll find the best coffee you’ve ever tasted here with 100 percent pure Kona coffee. This is a rare commodity only grown in north and south Kona. There are actually 600 coffee farms surrounding Holualoa reale state.

Holualoa is also the heart of the art culture in Kona. You can find local artwork including ceramic sculptures, paintings and handcrafted woodwork. Popular events include the annual Holualoa Village Coffee & Art Stroll every November, the Music & Light Festival and the First Friday Art After Dark. Residents can taste various coffee blends and discover handmade crafts from local farmers and artists. Popular art galleries and shops in the area include Dovetail Art & Gallery, Studio 7 Fine Arts, Cinderella’s Antiques, Art and Jewelry, Holualoa Gallery, Kimura Lauhala Shop, Holualoa Ukulele Shop, Buddha’s Cup and Huahua Farm among many others.

There is also one elementary school near Holualoa real estate. The Holualoa Elementary School is operated by the Hawaii Department of Education. Older students must attend schools in neighboring towns such as Kailua Kona.

If you would like more details on the Holualoa homes for sale or any Kona real estate, contact area expert Leonora Prince for all your real estate needs at prince@ccimhawaii.com.

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