Why isn’t my house selling? It must be my realtors fault!

Could be…read on.

There will always be reasons people won’t buy what you’re offering.

If your house isn’t selling, you may want to go across the street, hold up a mirror and take a good, long look (from outside yourself and your emotional attachment). According to numerous housing experts, the most common reasons your house does not sell quickly are the following.

Surprise! You’re priced too high.

“Without question, the No. 1 reason a home doesn’t sell is price,” says Bill Golden, an independent, Atlanta-based Realtor who sells for ReMax and has been in the real estate market for 26 years. “Sellers have an emotional attachment to their homes and tend not to objective about the true value.”

Did your agent think your price was right on, too high (certainly not too low)? Did you consider the comps, without getting emotionally involved about how your house is so much better? Did your agent just tell you what you wanted to hear to get the listing?

Your house doesn’t show in the best light.

This doesn’t mean you need to renovate your kitchen or fix your leaky roof. Well, you do need to fix the leaky roof, but you don’t need to spend $40,000 on a new kitchen. Sometimes it’s as easy as doing some fresh landscaping (especially here in Hawaii) or add a fresh coat of paint in certain areas. When you list with us and with your permission, we can move things around you home in ways you never probably considered to make it appear more welcoming and presentable. Always have things in a clean and tidy order. Otherwise, the buyer will be assuredly be looking for what they can use against you to get your price down. Paint may cost $1000, but if they ask you to paint as a part of the concessions, they are going to try to beat you down thousands. I always say, give the buyer nothing to come back at you with to lower your price (if it’s a reasonably priced home to start with).

You may think your house is a fixer-upper, and that you’re likely to attract some handy do-it-yourselfers, think again.

Today’s buyers are too busy. They may say they are wiling to take a fixer, but they will just use those things to beat you up on price. Unless it’s a handyman or contractor type of buyer, this may be a red flag about devaluing your property. Fix it up the best you can from the start!

Buyers are looking for properties where they can ‘unpack’ without doing a lot in renovations or decorating. Properties that are in need of TLC are at a disadvantage since two-income families would prefer to spend their weekend relaxing rather than remodeling and fixing things.

Your house isn’t run-down, but it looks like it might be.

Any signs of water damage can be a huge turn-off to potential buyers~ especially now days with mold concerns. Take a water spot on the ceiling. The offending roof might have been fixed 15 years ago, but if the evidence is still there, buyers will assume there are still a problem and or residual mold. Water damage makes buyers understandably jumpy, and can keep a home on the market indefinitely. Again, do the little things to make your home shine. It doesn’t always require a lot of money.

There’s too much “you” in the house.

It sounds cruel, but you want to sell your house to other people, who can imagine themselves living in your house. Simply put, you are not them. They don’t want to see your family photos all over the walls. All they’re thinking is “Wow, that’s a lot of nail holes we would have to fix.”

This is perhaps the most common problem of all. Buyers rarely have the same tastes as sellers. This can be a big turn off without the buyer really understanding why they did not like the home.

If you love the beach and palm trees, putting a palm tree in every single room may not be fit for everyone, on the flip side I actually see people decorate their oceanfront condos with cactus Arizona style. Really? It’s Hawaii not home! Make it neutral but inviting.

What to do? Pack p your personal things! Get ready to move! Stack them neatly in the garage or store offsite. Don’t throw them all over in the garage. Paint the room’s neutral colors so the buyer’s imagination can start taking flight. If you have BRIGHT colors walls may just be the thing that kills the interest. Artistically designed homes are not the same as you painting your bedroom walls pink (name your favorite color you are sure everyone else likes). Just paint them over in a nice neutral color.

You are inflexible in showing.

Make it easy to see your home. If realtors have someone who wants to see it, let them see it. In Hawaii this may be hard at times because of vacation rentals. Your agent should be able to make a note in the comments about scheduling availability to see the property. (Which means having the place clean, too).

If you have a rental property for sale and your renters are pigs or uncooperative to showings, get them out first and have the place cleaned up FIRST!

Having your home be shown only by appointment or only at designated times will severely cut down on the number of showings you get, if the home can not be shown, it cant be sold! It also screams you are not motivated.

You aren’t marketing your home properly.

Your agent should have professional photos taken and or virtual tours if an upper priced home. People shop on-line now days and make their decisions as to what they want to see and often will tell their agents what they want to see based on their on-line activity. NEVER show clutter, dirty bathrooms or toilet seats up (pet peeve realtors!), unmade beds and other clutter in the photos. It starts with your online presence.

Location location, location.

There’s not a lot you can do about location. In Hawaii, you can plant landscaping to envelop your property and give it a better ambience. But if it’s located next to dumps on both sides, or backs a school playground, or a highway, not a lot you can do to change that. I always say, plant your fences and make your own paradise despite what’s around you. Just saying!

Could some of  these factors (one or many of them) may be the reason your house is not selling? Can we help? Pricing your home on the Big Island.