Property Management and Vacation Rental

Many investors are looking for a professional property management company to either manage their investment when they are away from the Island, or to increase the return on their investment through vacation rental. Getting things done in Hawaii, as on most pacific islands, has its own unique challenges and particularities, especially as the island group is so far removed from the mainland United States.

To manage your investment we recommend you set up a relationship with a first-class property management services company. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce Boundless Hawaii, LLC, the leader in oceanfront vacation rental located in Kona, Hawaii. Boundless Hawaii is a boutique business by choice as personalized service, and high standards in all areas of our operations, is core to their business philosophy and approach. Boundless Hawaii has been managing and renting high end properties exclusively for the past nine years and the company offers some of the finest oceanfront and hillside vacation rental properties along the Kona and Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why Boundless Hawaii, LLC?

  1. Leadership Depth: 25 years experience in tourism leads to high standards in all areas of the companies’ operations!
  2. Customer Service: Consistent and predictable customer service, and rapid lead follow up, creates loyalty
  3. Attractive Returns: Boundless Hawaii preserves your property, grows your returns, and makes it a rewarding investment
  4. Peace of mind: Your investment is always looked after professionally, even when you are 5000 miles away
  5. The long view: Boundless Hawaii has a relentless passion for building a sustainable and a differentiated market position
  6. Technology benefits: The company leverages technology through a cutting edge cloud based reservation, web presence, and rental management platform

Through years of experience working in and around Hawaii, small business management, retail, the tourist industry, real estate, and property management Boundless Hawaii has built strong know how and partnerships that help them to be extremely effective in managing a highly successful and growing vacation rental and property management business. This is critical, not only for the preservation of your investment, but also to grow the return on your investment.

The owners of Boundless Hawaii, LLC. have over 25 years experience managing the operations of owner managed companies in the scuba diving, boating, travel, retail, worldwide adventure expeditions, and tourist industries. This knowledge and know-how puts them in the very unique position to provide you with the best property management services possible.

What’s most important to you is that your partner has a sustainable and long term differentiated position in the vacation rental and property management market. Through years of experience we have found that, in the end, consistent and predictable customer service is what makes people come back again, and again. This is incredibly important in the vacation rental industry as >70% of the revenues are generated through return customers and word of mouth.  Maintaining strong relationships with a large customer base is what we focus on and that gives you access to a large pool of potential clients.  We provide a full array of services designed with you in mind. From vacation rental management services, long-term management, managing construction renovations, interior design, and staging and scheduled walk through services and inspections. These services are designed to assist you in making your property not only a showcase but a rewarding investment.

Cloud Platform

With the growth of the Internet, over 65% of vacation renters are using the Internet and Social Media to search for properties. We use an integrated cloud based property & operations management, and customer acquisition platform provided by HomeAway, the industry leader in vacation rental management and operations software.

Customer Acquisition

Our channels provide reach and depth. We promote your property on VRBO, FlipKey, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, and many more. Monthly we reach over 50,000 Facebook users, organically and through paid advertisement. Over 10,000 fans follow us on Facebook.  Through Google advertisement we reach out to over a million potential customers monthly.

For more information, visit Boundless Hawaii, LLC.